Saturday, April 19, 2008

Bricks, Bricks and More Bricks

It starts out with a technique. The Brick stitch. If I can bead it I have to be able to recreate it in Microsoft Publisher.
I made one, than another and another until I had a pile of them.
What was I going to create with them. Was I going to dress them up or dress them down?

Or I could take them to my Happy Place. Rosanne thank you for the card showing me how to get to my happy place.

Part of them became bracelets.
To be used as class examples.


Rosanne said...

I love the flowers around the Earthenwood face! It looks so happy. I'm saving that card for next years trip. It makes me laugh everytime I open it up. Go to your happy place.....

KV said...

This is a lovely design, Bev. Not familiar with Microsoft Publisher but your designwork using this software is superb!

Kathy V in NM

Jean Hutter said...

Bev these are amazing - I hope the class went well - I am betting it did!

Beverly Herman said...

kv the program is really called First Publisher. It is part of Microsoft Office software. I googled it and ended up at and learned something new with the program. Thank you for the kind words on the designwork.

Beverly Herman said...

Jean the class went very well. We had 15 attending. Out of the 15-3 were new and had never sewn a bead before. All but one went home with a motif finished and ready to make the bracelet.