Monday, April 07, 2008

The Rising Mississippi

All that rain and snow has to go some where. The Mississippi river is excepted to crest April 16 at 17 feet. The levees were designed to contain at least 20 feet of water. Tonight we went for a walk on the leeve to see how high the water was. There used to be a road where the water is now. We watched a ship pass. You can see in this picture where the river has overflowed. We use to sit where the trees are to watch the ships on the river. The water is up to the sign in this area. The log was moving at a pretty fast clip. This is debris that has washed down the river. We kept a watchful eye looking out for alligators
I thought I saw one here but I was wrong!! The egrets eating before nesting for the night. Our walk ended with a beautiful sunset.

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Rosanne said...

You were right about there being a lot of debris in the water. You should look out for alligators-I thought the logs looked a lot like gaters already. Watch your step sister! Debris still reminds me of those yummy sandwiches at Mother's...maybe you should bring me one when you come up here;^) And some jumbalya too.