Saturday, October 03, 2009

No I am not Crabby

I went shopping this weekend and did not turn into a crab! Art and I found ourselves spending a four day weekend together. Yesterday we went to the mall shopping for work clothes for Art. Those who know me....know I am not shopper. Especially the mall. I have this deep seated fear of being sucked up by Penny's and Sears never to find my way out again. When my kids were in high school. I would pull into the parking lot. Walk in with the kids and tell them to shop wisely. I sat on the bench outside of the stores and waited for their return. They learned early on to shop wisely. It was good day. We found quite a few things on sale and Art has new clothes to wear work. My reward for making it through the mall? Art took me out to dinner. We had crabs!!


EmandaJ said...

Yummmm! What a fabulous reward!

LLYYNN - Lynn Davis said...

Oh, that makes me homesick for the Gulf Coast and all the goodies of the eatery type.

Being landlocked in the midwest is so sad sometimes, no matter how good the corn on the cob and the steaks are, where's the shrimp and crabmeat? In the freezer aisle - no! Not that!

PS - watch your postman, he's bringing you something that's better late than never! Hugs!