Friday, October 02, 2009

Playing with Patinas

Not only do the dragonflies land in my backyard so has my very own little Russ Troll bead from Rings & Things. He is looking over the patina finish I put on my brass dragonfly. He asked what I used to sealed the patina to preserve the finish. Russ proceed to share his wealth of knowledge about a new product called Renaissance® micro-crystalline wax polish. *GASP* how was I going to explain that I used Johnson & Johnson floor paste wax? Living down here in the swamps I don't get out much. I had to improvise! Thank goodness for the internet otherwise how would I find out about these great new things. Don't forget to stop by Rings & Things blog to get the inside scoop on new hot products and projects. Thanks for stopping by


stregata said...

Love the patina on your dragonfly - luscious!

TesoriTrovati said...

That is a great patina....and that Russ Troll is always full of new ideas. I just discovered the wax myself but haven't used it much.
And you should check out my bloggy friend Lisa's ( recent brush with a dragonfly. Her pictures are amazing and she has given me permission to use it for a muse. Dragonflies seem to be every where...Barbe Saint John just wrote about one as well! Enjoy the day. Erin

SummersStudio said...

That is a beautiful patina! And it looks like the Johnson and Johnson worked pretty well to seal it.