Thursday, September 09, 2010

What's On Sale

Everyone who knows me well-knows I am not a shopper. I take that back. I am a bead shopper. I've been known to spend my last nickel in a bead store. Tonight I needed a little retail therapy. Lisa Peters is having a sale in her D'stash etsy shop. This beauty is mine. Bead embroidery will be the perfect stitch to surround it. It will make a beautiful necklace to wear on Bead Cruise 2010. Lisa Peter's Art is also one our sponsor for the Bead Cruise.

Do you need some Bead Retail Therapy? Follow these links and steal a deal with these sales.
Lisa Peter's Destash Shop
Andrew Thornton Destash Sale
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Andrew Thornton said...

Thanks for mentioning the Sale. Lisa's sale is really good, but it's something fierce over there. I was picking things out and by the time I checked out all but one of the things I selected were purchased right out from under me! Just goes to show that great minds think alike!

SummersStudio said...

Bev, I am like you. Shopping? No, no, no. But give me something special like beads. Yes, yes, yes! I can see your beautiful bead embroidery with this gorgeous cab.