Saturday, June 11, 2011

Buttons and Buttons

My Grandma had a button box. Actually it was a tin can. It was one our favorite things to play with when we went to visit on a Sunday afternoon. Over the last 22 years I have become a collector of things. Those things being pressed glass, seed beads and buttons. I am not an organized collector of these things, until this week. I have been going through every box and container and putting things that belong together in their own boxes or containers.

My buttons are now in their own special tin. I have been inspired to incorporate some of these buttons into new pieces of beadwork. I just have to remember where I put everything when I am done sorting and things are put away.

Are you an organized collector of things?


coolmoon said...

Collector of things, yes. ORGANIZED collector of things, NO!
I commend you for having the patience and wherewithall to put things in their proper places. Maybe someday, I'll feel the need (I'm sure there already is a need, but I don't feel it yet!) LOL

Judith said...

have to be organized with a lot of things... but an organized collector? NO Way. I now have my Grandma's button box that I played with as a kid. It was a fancy Christmas tin.

Beverly Herman said...

Judith I was just organizing trying to make it easier for the move at the end of the month. You know I am a messy collector of things. It won't take long for things to get all mixed up again when we are settled in.

H.T. said...

I organize with my things.I coludn't do without it.I have special,clear boxes divided into a smaller ones and there I have all my things and beads sorted out.The same with buttons.Sometimes it is difficult to say,where they should belong,if they are the separate ones,but also can be sorted out,concerning the colour,or the texture.Old buttons are the real treasure.They are unrepeatable.This is the real precious collection.Can be used in many pieces of jewels and not only.