Thursday, June 16, 2011


Because it's Hurricane season and
I survived Katrina.

She was my 50th birthday present and because
We are moving in two weeks.

I have been going through years of magazines.
Not just any Magazines but years of Bead & Button and Beadwork.

Knowing that I can replace those issues with a DVD collection. Makes this task easier and will free up a lot of space in my new beadroom.

Clink on the picture to go to the Interweave website to order a DVD collection. I like the idea of having a years worth of issues at the touch of my iPad.

Pulling out box after box of magazines has me wondering. Am I a pack rat or a hoarder?

Do you save every issue of your favorite magazines?


H.T. said...

Yeah...I save my favourities,no matter how much place it takes.After all,once You could remind the beautiful project somewhere,which doesn't allow You to sleep,until You find,where it was...You always have something to search in this way.CD-s are fine-the mark of 'progress',but as for me-the woman almost Your age-the old ways are sweet,so sweet.Maybe I'm too romantic and old fashioned,but I've always collected books and magazines.Also many other 'unnecessary' things.These are all my real 'treasure'.I've just started the subscribtion of 'Bead & Button' magazine.More things to save:-)
You've mentioned 'Katrina'-it has made me sad suddenly...Good,that You've survived.Good You're moving to another place...Pack them too.This is the part of Your Life.This is the part of...You.
Best Greetings from Denmark-Halinka-

KJ said...

I save parts... I go through each magazine and clip out the projects and instructions that I like and put them in a box. Less space.

I would actually be quite happy to have my entire subscription on-line if I could download and save each project.

Doreen said...

I didn't know you could get the magazines on CD. That's pretty cool! I used to save all my magazines until I couldn't take it anymore! Then I went though them all and cut out only the projects I thought I might make. I put those pages in sheet protectors and then in 3-ring binders. That really saved a lot of space. It was sure hard for me to finally cut them up though. I thought I might miss something :)

Mel said...

I started out buying almost every issue but then realized that sometimes non of the projects interested me. I got a scanner and started scanning all the projects I liked and put them on CD. I got rid of the magazines that only had 1 or 2 projects I liked and those that had more I kept and didn't scan.