Monday, July 20, 2015

AKS Jewelry Show

This past week I received approval to teach the Checkmate Trendsetter designs with the new Checkmate beads. I joined the AKS Jewelry Show this weekend and offered two classes with designs by Nicole Starman and Eileen Barker. 
   Chainon by Eileen Barker
        Silver Star by Nicole Starman
I shared the tips and tricks I use with beading. I explained how to hold the beadwork as you bead. I see so many beaders trying to twist their hand as they as they add the next bead.  I demonstrated how to turn the beadwork in your hand to add the next bead. I also demonstrated how to pull your thread for better tension.  Some one needed help seeing how bead crochet worked. I explained about the position of the beads being in horizontal position when you pass the crochet hook under the bead. I demonstrated doing a slip stitch and the bead turning in a vertical position. 
I had a great time sharing my bead knowledge. I was so happy talking about beads for 3 days!
The AKS Jewelry show puts on a great event with a variety of beads, stones crystal, findings, classes and finished jewelry. The next show is Septmeber 11th, 12th, and 13th. I hope to see you you there!

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