Sunday, February 07, 2016

Life Style Changes

I've been thinking about it for a long time.  I was the last dinosaur standing who still smoked cigarettes.  Friday January 22, 2016 I decided I was done.

I got up the next morning determined I was going to quit. I was going smoke-free.  I made a sign and put it on the home screen of my iPhone. We tossed the cigarettes and ash trays into the trash.

I looked at this sign every time I thought about smoking the first few days.  One of the tools I used was tapping. A technique I learned in a book called   "The Tapping Solution" by Nick Ortner. What is tapping and how can you use it? Read here for an explanation.
I spent some time soul searching for the reasons why I was so addicted to smoking.  I came up with two very true but sad reasons why they were a crutch in my life. Sometimes the truth hurts as much as the reasons why.

I smoked because I was lonely. I smoked to be social.

I survived the first day and made myself another banner.
I knew this was going to be tuff.  It wasn't my first attempt at quitting. This time I was going cold turkey with no aids. I knew after the first 3 days it would be hard.  This is when the nicotine has completely left your body.  Your cravings increase along with other side effects such as being nauseated having headaches and being irritable. Two of my biggest withdrawal symptoms are trouble sleeping and increased appetite. On day six I bought Nicorette(R) mini lozenges. I gained 6 lbs. the first week and needed some help.

It's not over yet.  I have another week to go before I can say I have really  quit smoking and the rest of my life to prove it.

If you decide it's your turn to quit make a plan. Here are some links to help you on your way to living a smoke free life.
Check for apps on your mobile devices to help keep you on track.
I am using a free app from the apple store called LIVESTRONG.
If I can do this so can you!
Thanks for stopping by.
I wish you well.


pamelaric said...

Bev - Good for you!! I did exactly what you are doing, only I did it 30 years ago. I'm so proud of you. If you need an atta girl or need someone with witch to scream and yell, please do contact me.

KJ said...

Congratulations. I quit in 2001 and cigarettes still occasionally tempt me and I know that if I take one puff I will be addicted again. Keep up the good work, it does get easier. Oh, and then do something active- gasping for air will convince you that you are on the right track.