Tuesday, March 10, 2009

We Remember Moments

This pendant by Green Girl studios sums up Bead Cruise 2009 for me. I will show the front of the pendant at the end of this post. We had the very best moments before and after the Bead Cruise. We made a trip to Turquoise Coyote in the morning for some great bead shopping. We met at Mother's Restaurant for dinner the night before the cruise. 45 Bead Cruiser descended up on Mother's Saturday night for some great New Orleans food. We were shocked by the change in the weather as a cold front came through that had us looking for something warm to wear. Marcia was sporting her beautiful hand knitted shawl. Visiting the Mayan Ruins in Belize. Bev, Rosanne, Heather and Lori. While in Cozumel Rosanne test drove a car! *grin* I made friends in a foreign country with a man smoking a cigar The Mayan Indians found me on Cozomel This post I am keeping simple tonight. Traveling around the Gulf of Mexico can wear a girl out! I must confess that on the last 3 Bead Cruises I didn't do very much beading. This year I finished this piece for the Bead Cruise contest. We had to use two items from out gift bags in our design. Here is the piece I completed. I named it Mermaid's Moment. The pendant is from Green Girl Studios. The button closure was made by Mamacita beads It took me four days to finish the bead crochet rope and a few borrow pearls from Rosanne to bring the design together. Thank you Heather for putting together a Great bead cruise. Our sponsors were so generous with their donations to the gift bag. Beaders Rock!


Lorelei Eurto said...

I miss you and Cricket already!

Great necklace Bev, it Rocks!


Beverly Herman said...

Lori, Cricket is sad today and so his Mom that everyone is gone! I am so glad I got to met you. Thank you for the kind words on the necklace. You ROCK too!!!

KV said...

Awesome necklace, Bev! Your photos of the trip were a lot of fun to see.

Welcome back!

Kathy V in NM

Beverly Herman said...

Thanks KV! I am glad you stopped to visit.